Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bakhtiari double-fronted purse

The English dealer from whom I bought this purse (which measures 6.5" by 8") told me that it was made by the Bakhtiari, so this is the attribution I accept, although it could have come from several other South Persian tribes. It is dense and inflexible, curiously thick for a weaving so tiny. I'm very fond of the way in which the weaver has taken such a simple design and, by changing colours and altering the borders, has created a personal object with two quite different moods.

Since I made this post, months ago, I have come across images of a chanteh that is very similar - in texture, size, and borders - to this one. The dealer attributes it to the district of Nasrabad, in NE Iran, a place that she describes as being well-known for its good colours. This shows, once again, how difficult it is to be accurate with attributions.